Wednesday, 22 July 2015

There are thousands of cheating schemes on net claiming they will make you rich by just doing simple work like survey and clicking the ads. Don’t become part of these schemes but out of all these, there are sites which are real, but to differentiate them is very difficult.

I am writing my personal experience with money making sites.

I just study most of these sites and listed them here the best one which are real and legit, our job is to register as a free affiliate, Publish them on social media sites like Face book and Tweeter, and you can Advertise it on free advertising sites.

Here we are doing smart work which can be defined as the scientific application of knowledge with least efforts to get maximum results, and here results are actual money not the imaginary one as some sites claim you made 1000 dollars and in fact there is nothing.

Some people like to do data entry job, yes you can register with Freelancer and bid and take the data entry work this is also legit.